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Business Economics


Communication And Soft Skills

What is Communication?

Nonverbal Communication

Oral Communication

  1. What is Communication?
  2. Definitions of Communication
  3. Functions of Communication
  4. Importance of Communication
  5. Principles of Communication
  6. Process of Communication
  7. Types of Communication
  8. Elements of Communication

Business Communication​

  1. What is Business Communication?
  2. Definition of Business Communication
  3. Types of Communication in Business
  4. Importance of Communication in Business
  5. 7 Cs of Communication in Business
  6. 4 P’s of Business Communication
  7. Purpose of Business Communications
  8. Barriers to Business Communications

Development Communication​

  1. What is Development Communication?
  2. Definitions of Development Communication
  3. Process of Development Communication
  4. Functions of Development Communication
  5. Elements of Development Communication
  6. 5 Approaches to Development Communication
  7. Importance of Development Communication

Horizontal Communication​

  1. What is Horizontal Communication?
  2. Definitions of Horizontal Communication
  3. Methods of Horizontal Communication
  4. Advantages of Horizontal Communication
  5. Disadvantages of Horizontal Communication

Effective Communication​

  1. What is Effective Communication?
  2. Characteristics Of Effective Communication
  3. Importance of Effective Communication
  4. Essentials for Effective Communication
  5. Miscommunication

Barriers to Communication

  1. What are Barriers to Communication?
  2. Types of Barriers to Communication
  3. Physiological or Biological Barriers
  4. Semantic Barriers or Language Barriers
  5. How to Overcome Barriers of Communication

Organizational Communication

  1. What is Organizational Communication?
  2. Types of Organizational Communication
  3. Directions of Organizational Communication
  4. Importance of Organizational Communication


  1. What is Nonverbal Communication?
  2. Advantages of Non verbal Communication
  3. Disadvantages of Non Verbal Communication
  4. Functions of Nonverbal Communication
  5. Types of Nonverbal Communication
  6. How to Improve Non Verbal Communication Skills
  7. Principles of Nonverbal Communication

Mass Communication​

  1. What is Mass Communication?
  2. Definitions of Mass Communication
  3. Functions of Mass Media
  4. Characteristics of Mass Communication
  5. Types of Mass Communication
  6. Importance of Mass Communication
  7. Process of Mass Communication

Downward Communication​

  1. What is Downward Communication?
  2. Definitions of Downward Communication
  3. Types of Downward Communication
  4. Purposes of Downward Communication
  5. Objectives of Downward Communication
  6. Advantages of Downward Communication
  7. Disadvantages of Downward communication

Formal Communication​

  1. What is Formal Communication?
  2. Definition of Formal Communication
  3. Types of Formal Communication
  4. Advantages of Formal Communication
  5. Limitations of Formal Communication

Theories of Communication​

  1. What is Theories of Communication?
  2. Types of Theories of Communication
  3. Theories Propounded to Create Socio-cultural Background Environment
  4. Theories based on Ideas of Different Scholars

Verbal Communication

  1. What is Verbal Communication?
  2. Advantages of Verbal Communication
  3. Disadvantages of Verbal Communication
  4. Types of Verbal Communication
  5. Functions of Verbal Communication

Written Communication

  1. What is Written Communication?
  2. Ways to Improve Written Communication
  3. 6 Principles of Written Communication
  4. Advantages of Written Communication
  5. Disadvantages of Written Communication

Types of Communication

  1. Types of Communication

Human Resource Management

What is HRM?