Entrepreneurship Development Program EDP: Definition, Features, Objectives, Achievements

What is EDP in Entrepreneurship? An entrepreneurial development program EDP may be defined as a program designed to help an individual strengthen his entrepreneurial motive and acquire the skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively. It is necessary to promote this understanding of motives and their impact on entrepreneurial values and behavior

Creative Thinking

What is Creative Thinking? Creative thinking has various definitions. However, it is the art of generating solutions to problems by the force of imagination and reasoning. It is an activity of the mind seeking to find answers to some of life’s questions. In a dynamic and changing world, the challenges of man are also not

Entrepreneurial Motivation

What is Entrepreneurial Motivation? Motivation implies a driving force within individuals that gets them to act in the ways they do. Entrepreneurial motivations are regarded as the necessary steps of getting people to become entrepreneurs. Various researches have been conducted by many scholars on entrepreneurial motivations and the results have come up with that there

Learning Organization

What is Learning Organization? A Learning Organisation is one in which people at all levels, individuals and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about. The Learning Organisation is a concept that is becoming an increasingly widespread philosophy in modern companies, from the largest multinationals to the smallest ventures. What

Personality: Concept, Definition, Nature, Importance, 6 Factors, Theories

Personality in Organisational Behavior Personality factors are extremely important in organizational settings. While perception, learning, motivation, etc, deal with some specific aspects of human behavior, personality takes the whole man concept because it affects the various psychological processes. The term personality is the role that the person (actor) displays in the public domain at large.

Laws Regulating Mergers and Acquisition In India

Mergers and acquisitions may degenerate into the exploitation of shareholders, particularly minority shareholders. They may also stifle competition and encourage monopoly and monopolistic corporate behavior. Therefore, most countries have legal frameworks to regulate merger and acquisition activities. In India, mergers and acquisitions are regulated through the provision of the Companies Act, of 1956, the Monopolies

Process of Coordination

Process of Coordination

Process of Coordination Coordination cannot be achieved through orders. It is a process which can be achieved through managerial functions. It is a by-product of good management. When all the functions are carried out properly then coordination will come by itself. These are the steps of the process of coordination: Through Planning Planning is the

14 Nature of Controlling

Nature of Controlling

Nature of Controlling On the basis of the study and analysis of the different definitions of the term control we arrive at the following nature of controlling: Managerial Responsibility It is the responsibility of every manager to exercise effective control over the activities of the subordinates so that all the activities are performed continuously in