E-Commerce: Meaning, Definition, Difference, Models

What is E-Commerce? Electronic or E-commerce includes all forms of business transactions, such as the purchase of goods or services, undertaken through electronic means, such as telephones, televisions, computers, and the Internet. In simple terms, e-commerce is selling of products on the net. It encompasses the use of technology, process of management practices that enhance

Convergence in E-Commerce | Multimedia Convergence

What is Convergence in E-Commerce? Convergence is the welding of consumer electronics, television, publishing, telecommunication and computer for the purpose of facilities new forms of information based commerce. Convergence is the concept of polling together all materials and resources at one place for easy and guide distribution. Amalgamation, absorption and merge are taking place in

10 Difference Between E-commerce and Traditional Commerce

What are the difference between e-commerce and traditional commerce? Traditionally, commerce is more than just the trading transactions, it involves a variety of processes such as information exchange, identification of items or services, price comparisons, buying, payment, delivery, customer support, marketing feedback and research design, manufacturing of new products, and their distribution. In many cases,