Methods and Techniques in Anthropology

What are Techniques in Anthropology? In Anthropology a researcher may use comparative, historical and cross-cultural methods. The comparative method refers to the method of comparing different societies, groups or social institutions within the same society to show whether and why they are similar or different in certain aspects. Cross-cultural comparison is a method of studying

Anthropological Research Methods and Techniques

What is Research? Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. By Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Scientific research helps to develop new concepts and ultimately leads to discovering new theories and laws or improving the existing ones. A researcher should have the skill and ability to choose appropriate

Folkloristic Anthropology: Meaning, Definitions, Folk literature

What is Folkloristic Anthropology

What is Folkloristic Anthropology? Study of folklore is known as Folkloristics. Anthropologists consider Folklore as a part of culture. Study of culture will be incomplete without the knowledge of folk traditions. The knowledge, beliefs and values of a society play an important role in determining other aspects like marriage, family and economic organisation. Folklore is

Types of Family in Sociology: Functions

Types of Family in Sociology

What is Family? In simple words, a family is a domestic group in which parents and children live together, and in its elementary form consists of a couple and their children. A family is a group of people related or connected by bloodline and marriage rite or adoption. They share common residencies. They live together.

Linguistic Anthropology: Language, Culture, Features

What is Linguistic Anthropology

What is Linguistic Anthropology? Linguistic anthropology is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the study of language from an anthropological perspective. That means, over the years, linguistic anthropologists have regarded language as a sophisticated sign system that contributes to the constitution of society and the reproduction of specific cultural practices. In addition to being a powerful

What are Archaeological Sites? Types

What are Archaeological Sites

What are Archaeological Sites? A ‘Site’ or precisely an archaeological site is any kind of place, large or small, where there are traces of human occupation or activity found available. Archaeological sites consist essentially of activity areas that comprise material cultural objects like tools and remains of food in the form of rubbish dumps. Sites

Archaeological Anthropology, Process, Types of Sites

What is Archaeological Anthropology

What is archaeology? Archaeology is the study of the human past and human culture through material remains. It is a part of anthropology, which study of all human culture. From the million-year-old fossilized human remains to 20th-century buildings, archaeology analyzes the physical remains of the past to understand human culture. Artifacts, faunal remains, and human-altered