9 Objectives of Business Communication

Objectives of Business Communication

Objectives of Business Communication The broad objectives of business communication are to transmit the message with meaning and understanding. This message may take any form in the organization: information, order, suggestion, negotiation, persuasion, etc. Whatsoever the form it assumes, it must be ensured that the communication environment is healthy and harmonious, in which people feel

Group Communication: Meaning, Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics

Group Communication

What is Group Communication? Group communication can be defined as “an interactive process that occurs among three or more people interacting in an attempt to achieve commonly recognized goals either face-to-face or through mediated forms.” A group is a collection of people with specific goals or objectives. Cohesion is an important factor in groups. Group

Communication Network: Meaning, Types, Flow of Communication

Communication Network

What is Communication Network? A communication network is a group of methods that users employ to pass on valuable information. The communication network is the sum of all the means and methods that an organization employs to communicate. According to Newman and Summer Communication is an exchange of ideas, facts, opinions or emotions by two

Scope of Business Communication

Scope of Business Communication

Scope of Business Communication Apart from different forms and types of communication (non-verbal, verbal, written, audio-visual) one can also look at the scope of business communication. In modern business, the quantum nature of communication is changing. Business communication is utility oriented. Today business is being influenced and influencing various segments, such as its clientele, society,