What are Expressions in C? Types

An expression is composed of operators and operands. The operands may be either constants or variables. All expressions can be evaluated to get a result. This result is known as the value returned by the expression.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flowcharts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flowcharts

Let’s discuss the advantages of flowchart: Better Communication, Effective Analysis, Effective Synthesis, Efficient Coding, Documentation of Program/System, Efficient Program Maintenance.

What is Flowchart in Programming? Symbols, Advantages, Preparation

Flowchart in Programming

An idea expressed in a picture or diagram is preferred to text form by people. In certain situations, the algorithm may be difficult to follow, as it may contain complex tasks and repetitions of steps. Hence, it will be better if it could be expressed in pictorial form. The pictorial representation of an algorithm with specific symbols for instructions and arrows showing the sequence of operations is known as flowchart.