10 Different Types of Organizational Change

Different Types of Organizational Change

The different types of organizational change are:

  1. Reactive Change
  2. Proactive Change
  3. Planned Change
  4. Individual Level Change
  5. Group Level Change
  6. Organizational Level Change
  7. Structural Change
  8. Process-Oriented change
  9. People-Oriented Change
  10. Strategic Change

Reactive Change

Reactive change is brought by the management under pressure since the survival of the organization is in danger.

Proactive Change

It is a change which is taken place solely with the initiative of an organization, planned change is a proactive change.

Planned Change

When our organization aims to achieve some unattainable objectives or attainable objectives with difficulty, it looks for planned change. It represents a planned alteration in the existing organizational system.

Individual Level Change

It is the change that is at an employee’s level, which may arise due to job enlargement, job enrichment, etc. This change is the first step that will have an impact on the group which in term will influence the whole organization.

Group Level Change

The group may be formal or informal. Organizational change may affect both of these types of changes.

Organizational Level Change

Changes at the organizational level are being made at the senior management level e.g.

Structural Change

It refers to different types of organizational structures. The pattern of relation among positions and among various position holders.

Process-Oriented change

It indicates changes related to the latest international technological developments in information processing and automation to achieve ISO standards.

People-Oriented Change

it aims at group dynamics. group Cohesiveness self-improvement, self-actualization high degree of morale, and motivation among workers.

Strategic Change

It indicates the very basic change in the mission aims and objectives of the organization.