11 Entrepreneurial Motivation Factors | Explanation

Entrepreneurial Motivation Factors Entrepreneurial motivation is important because as long as the entrepreneur is not motivated he/she cannot achieve their goals. There are certain factors that motivate entrepreneurs while some do not. It is a matter of concern to find out which factors motivate the employees. Different researchers have conducted several studies to identify such

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in India Who Changed the Face of Corporate

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in India These are the top 10 entrepreneurs in India who changed the face of corporate: Cowasjee Nanabhal Davar: The Inspiration To Invest Davar inaugurated India‘s industrial revolution. In 1854, he set up India‘s first steam-powered textile mill in Bombay. Capitalized at Rs. 5 lakh, the Bombay Spinning and Weaving Company paid

4 Tax Benefits to Small-Scale Industries

Tax Benefits to Small-Scale Industries Tax benefits for small-scale industries vary depending on the country and its specific tax laws and regulations. However, many countries offer various incentives and exemptions to support the growth and development of small-scale industries. Here are some common tax benefits that small-scale industries may be eligible for: Tax Holiday New

4 Components of Working Capital Management

What is Working Capital Management? Working capital management refers to all aspects of the administration of both current assets and current liabilities. The basic objective here is to manage the firm’s current assets and current liabilities in such a way that a satisfactory level of working capital is maintained i.e. it is neither inadequate nor

12 Factors Affecting Industrial Location | Explained

As the world continues to adapt to evolving work dynamics, remote work has emerged as a prominent feature of modern business operations. Whether spurred by necessity or driven by the pursuit of flexibility and efficiency, remote work has transformed from a trend into a fundamental aspect of how we work. However, navigating the complexities of

5 Important Entrepreneurial Skills For any Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Skills Entrepreneurial skills are essential for individuals looking to start, manage, or grow a successful business. These skills encompass a wide range of abilities and traits that enable entrepreneurs to identify opportunities, navigate challenges, and effectively execute their business ideas. Here are some key entrepreneurial skills: There are five basic skills anyone must have

6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail?

6 Reasons Small Businesses Fail Small businesses fail for various reasons, and it’s often a combination of factors rather than a single cause. Here are some common reasons why small businesses fail: Lack of Management Systems Most entrepreneurs have no systematic way of generating information or determining what is and is not working. Also, there

Why Businesses Fail? | 11 Reasons for Business Failures

Why Businesses Fail? The U.S. Small Business Administration conducted a study that looked at the reasons for small business failure. Here are the major reasons ranked according to frequency: Inadequate Front-End Planning No business plan was prepared; no feasibility study was done and no cash flow projections were done. Insufficient Capital for Startup and Back-up

6 Strategic Management in Business Enterprises

For any entrepreneur, strategic management is a state of preparedness to meet challenges emerging from unforeseen circumstances of the business. Therefore, the business plan that an entrepreneur prepares should be of a short duration that is of less than two years so as to accommodate changes in the near future and to avoid the risk