Course Contents and Curriculum of EDPs

Course Contents and Curriculum of EDPs

The course content of an EDP is selected in line with the objectives of the EDP. The training program is usually six weeks in duration, but these days one finds lots of variation in the time period of the EDPs, which ranges from three weeks to six months:

  1. Contents of Training Program
  2. General Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  3. Achievement Motivation Training
  4. Managerial/Management Skill
  5. Support Systems and Procedures
  6. Market Survey
  7. Project Feasibility Study and Business Plan Development
  8. Technical Knowledge and Skills
  9. Plant Visits
  10. Meet an Entrepreneur

Contents of Training Program

There are different kinds of participants having different backgrounds and qualities to attend the entrepreneurial development program. The following types of training are provided during the time duration of the program.

General Introduction to Entrepreneurship

First of all, the participants are exposed to a general knowledge of entrepreneurship such as factors affecting small-scale industries, the role of entrepreneurs in economic development, entrepreneurial behavior, and the facilities available for establishing small-scale enterprises.

Achievement Motivation Training

The development of an achievement motive is essential in order to develop human resources. The main aim of achievement motivation training is to develop the need and desire to achieve, risk-taking, initiative and other such personal behavioral qualities, self-awareness, and self-confidence can be created among the participants through an achievement motivation program which enables them to think positively and realistically.

The training under this input aims at inducing and increasing the need for achievement among the participants. It is a crucial input of entrepreneurship training. It ultimately tries to make the participants start their own business enterprise after the completion of the training program. Motivation training can also help the participants to expand their business activities and their business ventures.

Managerial/Management Skill

Running a business or starting an enterprise requires managerial skills. Since a small or potential entrepreneur cannot employ management experts to manage his/ her business, he/ she needs to be imparted basic and essential managerial skills in functional areas like finance, production, marketing, etc.

It should also involve all the managerial factors such as planning, organization, coordination, leadership, supervision, control, etc. The main aim of managerial training is to enable the participants to run the enterprise successfully.

Support Systems and Procedures

The proper training relating to support systems and procedures should be imparted to participants. The participants become able to understand the functioning of various agencies like commercial banks and financial institutions, industrial service corporations, and other institutions dealing with the supply of raw materials, equipment, marketing, etc.

This session of the training program helps the participant to understand the support system, procedures for approaching them, applying and obtaining support from them, and availing of the services provided by these agencies.

Market Survey

An opportunity to actually conduct market surveys to select the project is provided to participants. This will help them to understand the actual situation of the market.

Project Feasibility Study and Business Plan Development

Fundamentals of Project Feasibility Study and Business Plan Development: Under this input, the participants are provided guidelines on the effective analysis of the feasibility or viability of the particular project in light of marketing, organization, technical, financial, and social aspects.

Knowledge is also imparted related to how to prepare the Project or Feasibility Report for certain products. The aim of any EDP should be such that the participants, by the end of the program have a business plan in their hands prepared by themselves and the able guidance of the trainer, mentors, and local entrepreneurs.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

After the choice of a particular enterprise by a potential entrepreneur, in-depth knowledge about the technical aspect of the trade should be imparted to him which will enable him to well-conversant with the process of manufacturing and trading in trade.

Plant Visits

In order to familiarise the participants with real-life situations in small business, plant visits are also arranged. Such trips help the participants to know more about an entrepreneur’s behavior, personality, thoughts, and aspirations.

A number of field trips to industrial units can be very helpful in understanding the economic aspects of the technology.

Meet an Entrepreneur

One of the important content of EDP should be ‘Meet an Entrepreneur’. The local entrepreneur should be invited to share his/ her experience with the trainees as this will encourage and motivate them to emulate the entrepreneur, who is just like them.

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