Types of Salespeople

Types of Salespeople

A salesperson acts as an ambassador of their company for the external world. Other people form an opinion of a company basis their interaction with the salespeople. Salespeople are usually diplomatic in their approach and have better interpersonal skills compared to others as they interact with a variety of people in diverse situations.

Salespeople are tactful and have great listening skills. They listen to the problems of customers and help them navigate through them by providing the best available solution. These are the types of salespeople explained below:

  1. Delivery
  2. Order Taking
  3. Missionary Selling
  4. Sales Engineers
  5. Creative Selling
Types of Salespeople
Types of Salespeople


Delivery salespeople are concerned with delivering the products. For example, a van driver responsible for delivering soft drinks, a milk vendor, or people working at the petrol pumps.

Order Taking

The salespeople behind the counter of a grocery store or a bookstore listen to the requirements of the customers and serve them the right products. These salespeople serving customers by taking orders are found in several fields such as restaurants and hardware stores.

Missionary Selling

Missionary selling is a type of indirect selling in which salespeople provide information about a particular product to a potential customer instead of directly selling the product to them.

Missionary selling is used to build a good image of an organization and generate goodwill for it. Salespeople in the field of pharmaceuticals, insurance, etc. often use missionary selling.

Sales Engineers

Sales engineers are salespeople who sell technological products and services to other businesses. Sales engineers have a thorough knowledge of the technological products they sell.

Creative Selling

Salespeople who use creative selling use well-planned strategies to sell their products. Creative selling is commonly used while selling computers, aircraft, insurance, consultancy services, advertising services, etc.

FAQs About the Types of Salespeople

What are the types of salespeople?

Salespeople can be categorized on the basis of the creative input required to perform various sales jobs. The following are the different types of salespeople: Delivery 2. Order Taking 3. Missionary Selling 4. Sales Engineers 5. Creative Selling.

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