Impact of Digital Media

Impact of Digital Media
Impact of Digital Media

Impact of Digital Media

Digital media is a synonym of online media or internet media or web media or new media or social media. The digital media influences the masses in both positive ways as well as negative ways on issues relating to society, economy, polity, education, religion, culture, and spiritualism.

It influences our age-old pristine and traditional media also which are well-known for its empathy and sympathy. Thus, the impact of digital media may be categorized as follows:

  1. Social Impact
  2. Economic Impact
  3. Political Impact
  4. Educational Impact
  5. Cultural Impact
  6. Religious Impact
  7. Spiritual Impact
7 Impact of Digital Media
7 Impact of Digital Media

Social Impact

Digital media has positive as well as negatively influenced our society. On the one hand, it has brought distant people closer. But on the other hand, it has created a virtual society. It has established a relationship with the world. But at the same time, it has broken the relations with our neighbors and close associates leading us to say goodbye to the real world.

It helps in communicating in a fraction of seconds, but also helps in breaking in a fraction of seconds. It has led to over-communication due to easy accessibility and demystification. But over-communication has created over-frustration leading to and requiring a vigorous study of media psychology.

Students come to their villages from distant metropolitan cities to meet their parents. But when they sit close to their parents, still they are busy with their mobile sets and laptops ignoring their parents and seniors. This has emerged as a vital psychological issue for both children and parents.

Children get up in the morning and enter the toilet room with a mobile to consume most of their cosmic energy at the very beginning of the day. Not only that, they are busy on digital media day in and day out.

Gradually the parents are also imbibing the same from their children and also engaging themselves in the social digitalized media because of the lack of availability of any other kind of interaction. Hence, this is becoming a way of life and the mobile is fast emerging as a‘VashikaranYantra’ (controlling device).

Economic Impact

Again on economic fronts, there are positive as well as negative impacts. Take the example of online banking and online marketing. On the one hand, it has created a situation of an accelerated transaction. But on the other hand, people are not able to know when and wherefrom the amount is coming to their account.

Even for purchasing an item, people have stopped going to the market. It is time-saving, money-saving and energy-saving. But at the same time, it is killing a real market world where there were a lot of interactions between the buyers and the sellers. Again it is creating a digital divide and disequilibrium in society as a whole.

Political Impact

No doubt, digital media has facilitated political campaigning and political communication. But it has distanced politicians from the people and vice-versa as far as the real problems of our lives are concerned. Only virtual political campaigning doesn’t solve the real problems.

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They have minimized visiting the people and so is the case with the people. Even people do not like to visit politicians. As a result, political schizophrenia still persists in a big way. Thus digital media politically influenced the masses positively as well as negatively.

Educational Impact

Digital media has enriched the access to academic materials for the students and researchers on the one hand. But it has created a problem of copyright and plagiarism on the other hand. But in recent days a lot of anti-plagiarism software has been developed.

Hence, it has become very easy to download something. But it has become equally easy to know where you have downloaded from. However, this problem still exists in vernacular languages, while English is far ahead. Sooner or later anti-plagiarism soft wares will be developed even in vernacular language.

But no doubt, it has created a big threat to the real teacher and created a virtual teacher like google as gurus, Twitter as teachers, and YouTube as classroom enlighteners without any satisfactory interactions.

As a result, a lot of netizens, facebookins, whatsapins, youtubers, and Twitter have emerged as new audiences in the media world. Conclusively digital media has both positively and negatively influenced the masses as far as educational and institutional activities are concerned.

Cultural Impact

Digital media has created a global culture rather than global culture. But it is more successful in promoting Western culture, which is adversely influencing our Indian culture. As a result, there is a lot of foreign aggression especially Western toward the Indianness of our culture.

It is very easy to look into the culture of different countries of the world. Along with that students and youngsters are generally influenced by media as well as the countries they visit. Thus, Indian culture is posing a big threat and a variety of challenges, especially after the arrival of digital media or digitalized social media.

Religious Impact

Digital media is also influencing our religions positively as well as negatively. Different religious philosophies and thoughts are easily transferred from one place to another in a fraction of seconds with the help of digital media. Not only text but even video and audio are easily and quickly transferred.

Moreover, digitalized social media is giving birth to citizen journalism in a big way. A lot of religion lovers are writing their walls and blogs and posting their text, audio, and visuals on social media to strongly like, like, neither like nor dislike, dislike or strongly dislike a particular religion. It is well-supported with logistics and arguments.

Spiritual Impact

Spiritualism pertains to self-knowledge. It relates to exploring the self very deeply by the way of worshipping, meditating, and penancing. Here digital media helps us a lot in knowing about a lot of techniques and methodologies of spiritualism. It helps us learn the ‘Universal Spiritual Mechanism’.

Moreover, people are also able to practice journalism in digitalized social media. This helps in a variety of spiritual knowledge, experience, and ideas which are very useful for the masses. Thus, there are a variety of impacts of digital media on the masses which have been categorically discussed above.

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FAQ Related to Impact of Digital Media

What is the impact of digital media on us?

Impact of Digital Media:
1. Social Impact
2. Economic Impact
3. Political Impact
4. Educational Impact
5. Cultural Impact
6. Religious Impact
7. Spiritual Impact.