Business Economics Notes PDF for BCOM, BBA 2023

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Business Economics Notes PDF
Business Economics Notes PDF

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Business Economics Syllabus

Below this, we have mentioned all detailed business economics syllabus by all Indian universities. You can download the business economics syllabus given below:

Module 1:

  1. Introduction: Scope and Importance of Business Economics, Essential tools, Opportunity Cost principle-Incremental and Marginal Concepts.
  2. Fundamental Economic Relations: Functional Relations, Equations, Total, Average and Marginal Relations, Use of Marginal Analysis in Decision Making.
  3. The Basics of Market Demand, Market Supply, and Equilibrium Price, Shifts in the Demand and Supply Curves, and Equilibrium.

Module 2:

  • Demand Function: Nature of Demand Curve Under Different Markets Meaning, Significance, Types, and Measurement of Elasticity of Demand (Price, Income Cross, and Promotional), the Relationship Between Price Elasticity of Demand and Revenue Concepts.

  • Demand Estimation and Forecasting: Meaning and Significance, Methods of Demand Estimation, Survey and Statistical Methods (Numerical Examples on Trend Analysis and Simple Linear Regression).

Module 3:

  • Supply and Production Decisions: Production Function, Short Run Analysis With Law of Variable Proportions, Production Function With Two Variable Inputs, Isoquants, Ridge Lines and Least Cost Combination of Inputs-long Run Production Function and Laws of Returns to Scale, Expansion Path, Economies and Diseconomies of Scale and Economies of Scope.

Module 4:

  • Cost of Production: Cost Concepts, Accounting Cost and Economic Cost, Implicit and Explicit Cost, Social and Private Cost, Historical Cost and Replacement Cost, Sunk Cost and Incremental Cost, Fixed and Variable Cost, Total, Average and Marginal Cost, Cost Output Relationship in the Short Run and Long Run, (Hypothetical Numerical Problems to Be Discussed).

  • Extension of Cost Analysis: Cost Reduction Through Experience, Lac, Learning Curve, and Break Even Analysis (With Business Application).

Module 5:

  • Market Structure: Perfect Competition and Monopoly Perfect Competition and Monopoly Models as Two Extreme Cases, Profit Maximization and the Competitive Firm’s Supply Curve, Short-run and Long-run Equilibrium of a Firm and of the Industry, Monopoly, Sources of Monopoly Power, Short-run and Long-run Equilibrium of a Firm Under Monopoly.

Module 6:

  • Pricing and Output Decisions under Imperfect Competition Monopolistic competition: Competitive and Monopolistic Elements of Monopolistic Competition, Equilibrium of Firm Under Monopolistic Competitions, Monopolistic Verses Perfect Competition, Excess Capacity, and Inefficiency, Debate Over Role of Advertising.

  • Oligopolistic Market: Key Attributes of Oligopoly, Collusive and Non-collusive Oligopoly Market, Price Rigidity, Cartels, and Price Leadership Models.

Module 7:

  • Pricing Practices Cost-oriented Pricing Methods: Cost–plus (Full Cost)/markup Pricing, Marginal Cost Pricing, Mark Up Pricing, Discriminating Pricing, Multiple–product Pricing, and Transfer Pricing.

Module 8:

Evaluating Capital Projects Meaning and Importance of Capital Budgeting, Steps in Capital Budgeting, Techniques of Investment Appraisal, Payback Period Method, Net Present Value Method, and Internal Rate of Return Method.

Business Economics Notes

What is Business Economics?

Business Economics is also called Managerial Economics. It involves the application of economic theory and practice to business. In business, decision-making is very important. Decision-making is a process of selecting one course of action out of available alternatives.

Thus business economics serves as a link between economic theory and decision-making in the context of business.

Business Economics MCQ PDF

Below that you can download the business economics MCQ pdf. We have covered all related MCQs of business economics in this pdf. You can practice all of them in this business economics MCQs pdf.

Business Economics Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Here are some of the business economics previous year question paper pdf mentioned below. You can download the business economics previous year question paper pdf. We have listed all the last 10-year business economics previous year question paper pdf.

Business Economics Questions and Answers PDF

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Business Economics Important Questions PDF

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Business Economics PPT

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Business Economics Books

Below we list the best business economics books recommended by the top university in India. These are the best business economics books that you can download online or purchase physical books as well.

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What is the meaning of Business Economics?

Business Economics refers to the application of economic theory and the tools of analysis of decision science to examine how an organization can achieve its objectives most effectively.

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