What are Decision Making Statements in C? Types

What are Decision Making Statements in C? At times, it so happens that the computer may not execute all statements while solving problems. Some statements may be executed in a situation, while they may not be executed in another situation. The computer has to take the required decision in this respect. For this, we have

What are Operators in C? Different Types of Operators in C

What are Operators in C? Operators are tokens constituted by predefined symbols that trigger computers to carry out operations. The participants of an operation are called operands. An operand may be either a constant or a variable. For example, a+b triggers an arithmetic operation in which + (addition) is the operator and a bare operand.

What are Data Types in C++? Types

What are Data Types in C++? C++ provides a rich set of data types. Based on nature, size, and associated operations, they are classified. Basically, they are classified into fundamental or built-in data types, derived data types, and user-defined data types. We used variables to refer data in algorithms. Variables are also used in programs

What are C++ Keywords? Set of 59 keywords in C ++

What are C++ Keywords? The words (tokens) that convey a specific meaning to the language compiler are called keywords. These are also known as reserved words as they are reserved by the language for special purposes and cannot be redefined for any other purposes. C++ Keywords List The set of 59 keywords in C ++

What is Flowchart in Programming? Symbols, Advantages, Preparation

Flowchart in Programming

An idea expressed in a picture or diagram is preferred to text form by people. In certain situations, the algorithm may be difficult to follow, as it may contain complex tasks and repetitions of steps. Hence, it will be better if it could be expressed in pictorial form. The pictorial representation of an algorithm with specific symbols for instructions and arrows showing the sequence of operations is known as flowchart.