How to Write Application Letter?

How to Write Application Letter?

An application letter is a sales letter, it must be written on the principles of the ‘you’ attitude. Remember that the letter of application is a special covering letter; it must be something more than a note forwarding an enclosure. It should be informative, to the point and short. Its tone should be friendly but not familiar.

The introductory paragraph should attract the employer’s attention by saying whether you are applying in response to an advertisement or at somebody’s suggestion or on your own initiative. Some of the routine ways of beginning a letter are as follows:

  • My qualifications and eight years of experience as a Sales Representative of Steel Manufacturing Corporation, Calcutta makes me confident that I can do the job of sales executive advertised by you in The Hitvada of 21 August, 2003.

  • Professor T.R. Gulzar has asked me whether I would be interested in the post of executive in the Marketing division of your company. My qualifications and experience suit the requirements of the job and I should indeed be happy if, after going through the application, you come to the same conclusion. Prof. Gulzar has spoken of excellent prospects in your company and I should be proud to be associated with it. Here is what I have to offer.

After writing an effective opening paragraph, make an attempt to show with evidence how you are the person he is looking for. This would need to emphasize those aspects of your qualities and achievements which the post requires.

If the advertisement says, “Wanted an experienced Office Manager to take independent charge of our office at Nagpur”, the employer will be most interested in knowing whether you have any experience in office management. If you apply in response to this advertisement, you should highlight this aspect of your achievements.

In the end, you should try to motivate the employer to respond favorably. Your immediate aim should be to secure an interview. If you are able to do so, you will have won half the battle. Some ways of closing the application are given below:

  1. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  2. I hope that my qualifications will merit your consideration.
  3. I trust you will favor me with an interview.
  4. I would very much appreciate it if an opportunity is given to me for providing further details.
  5. I would appreciate an opportunity of attending an interview.

Structure of Application Letter

The structure of application letter consists of the following parts:

  1. Address of Applicant and Date
  2. Employer Name and Address
  3. Salutation
  4. Body
  5. Complimentary Close
  6. Signature
  7. Enclosures
Structure of Application Letter
Structure of Application Letter

Address of Applicant and Date

These are written at the top of the letter flush with the right margin. Two spaces are left between the address and date:

34, Bapunagar
14 June; 2001

Employer Name and Address

The name and address of the employer are usually given two spaces below the level of the date and aligned with the left margin. If the address is a post box or a newspaper box number, it is written as follows:

GPO Box No. 342
GPO Box No. 342
The Advertiser
Box 3412
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi-110022
Box 412
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi-110022
Employer Name and Address


In applications addressed to business organizations usually, Dear Sir or Dear Sirs is used. If however, you are applying for a government job and addressing your application to an officer in the government, the use of Sir is preferable.


We have discussed in the lesson line, the points to be borne in mind while writing the covering letter.

Complimentary Close

Yours faithfully goes with all types of salutations namely Sir, Dear Sir, and Dear Sirs. If you wish to make your subscription more formal and respectful, you may use Yours respectfully. Some applicants prefer to use Yours truly instead of Yours faithfully.


It should be distinct and the name of the applicant should be typed below it.


The documents you are sending with the application should be specified. If the list is long, prepare a list of enclosures and-in the letter write: ‘Encl. See the list attached’.

Preparing Resume

The resume sheet is an inventory of the applicant’s personal details, educational qualifications, specialized training, experience, references, and any other relevant information. The related details are grouped under one subheading for quick and easy reference.

Ashok Kunj
193, Wisheswar Marg
10 June, 2004
The Personal Manager
Jiwan Aluminium Corporation
203/ A, Bharati Nagar
Chennai- 600 001.

Dear Sir,

Thirteen years of experience as Assistant Office Manager of Triveni Earthmovers Limited, Bangalore has given me enough experience to qualify for the post of the Office Manager you advertised in The Indian Express on 4 June.

Since 1986 I have been assisting the Office Manager in the supervision of all work: drafting, filling, receipt, and despatch of letters, etc. When a new section for export promotion was created in 19961 was made its charge and in that capacity, I have been handling independently correspondence with organisations in foreign countries.

Our office is moving to Delhi from the next financial year and my private affairs are such that I cannot keep myself very far away from my hometown, Coimbatore and hence I am looking for a suitable position here in a progressive organization like yours.

Details of my educational career, experience, etc. are given in the enclosed resume. I hope you will give me an opportunity to be interviewed and then shall be glad to give you any further information you may wish.

Yours faithfully,
Rakesh Ranjan
Encl.: Resume
Preparing Resume Sample 1


Rakesh Ranajan
Ashok Kunj
193, Wisheswar Marg
Personal Details:
Age: 38 years, 2. months (Born on 10 June, 1966)
Health: Excellent
Marital Status: Married; one son and a daughter, aged 5 and 3 respectively
Nationality: Indian
Year Examination Division Institution
1979 All-India I Chickpet Central Schoo
Higher Secondary Egmore, Chennai
1982 B.Com. I Madras University, Chennai
1984 M.Com. II Madras University, Chennai
1986 M.B.A. I Bombay University, Chennai
1978-79 Was Secretary of the Debating Society of my School.

Extra Curricular Activities
1981 Won second prize at the Inter-Collegiate Debate organized by the University.
1985 Won third prize in the All-India Essay Competition organized by the Society of Cooperative
Training, Delhi.

1986 Assistant Office Manager, Triveni Earthmovers Limited, Bangalore on a pay scale on
Rs.8000-250-10,000 EB-500- 15000. Assisted the Office Manager in the supervision of 20 clerks
and assistants. Handled independently correspondence relating to inquiries and orders.

1992 Was made in charge (in the same organization) of exports promotion section. Handled independent
correspondence with foreign organizations and governments. Was given an allowance of Rs.500/-
p.m. for extra responsibility.

1. Professor L.R. Nathan
Head Deptt. of Commerce
Madras University
2. Prof. T.N.Arora
Head Deptt. of Business Management
Bombay University
3. Sri P. Krishna Swamy
Office Manager
Triveni Earthmovers Limited
RESUME Sample 1

Now we present a letter by a prospective employer written to one of the references and the reply there to give an idea of such correspondence.

79, Subhash Marg,
New Delhi- 110004
15 January, 2007
Sri T.R. Wankhede
Chief Engineer
Bharat Steel Tubes
23, Patanjali Road, Bangalore-560012.

Dear Sri Wankhede,

We are considering Sri Hari Chand Sukwani for the post of Mechanical Engineer. He has given your name as a reference. We would be very grateful if you could kindly inform us about the quality of Sri Sukhwani’s work in your company. Your views about his ability to work with others, his technical competence and his relative standing among persons with similar training and experience would be of interest to us.

Any other information which you think might be helpful in assessing his suitability for the post will also be welcomed. It is proposed to call candidates for an interview in the third week of February, 2007. We would very much appreciate your sending this information before that date.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
O. Vaikuntam
Managing Director
RESUME Sample 2

Interview Call Letter

Your application would be carefully examined and your name would be shortlisted (i) if your qualifications and experience are found suitable for the post you have applied for arid (ii) if the reports nom the references are favorable. You may then be called for an interview.

Some organizations may require you to participate in a group discussion also. If you perform well and have an edge over other candidates, you may be offered the job. Here, we, are giving one sample each of an interview call letter and appointment letter.

Sri V.L. Narasingham
Kutty Kunj
13, Wisheshwar Marg

Dear Sri Narsingham,

Please refer to your application dated 11 May, 2007 for the post of Office Manager.

You would be glad to know that your name has been shortlisted for an interview and group discussion which we are organizing on 25 July, Please report at 10 a.m. on that day to our secretary. The Personnel Department is located on the second floor of the building. On arrival, contact the Receptionist who would guide you on how to reach this Department.

Please bring testimonials and. certificates in original. These will be returned to you after perusal.

You would be paid II class sleeper class fare for the journey to and from Chennai to attend the interview. A T.A. form is sent herewith. Please fill it in and hand it over to our secretary immediately on arrival.

Best wishes,
Yours sincerely
Arpit Mohan
Assistant Personnel Manager
Interview Call Letter Sample

Letter of Appointment

A letter of appointment is essentially a direct approach, a good newsletter. The good news is given at the very beginning of the letter. Reference may be made to the candidate’s interview or written examination and group discussion followed by a personal interview or the C.V. on the basis of which an offer may be made. It is an information-giving letter covering the following points:

  • Congratulations to the candidate appointed/the employer’s pleasure in making the offer.
  • The date and time of joining.
  • The nature of duties.
  • Service conditions include duty hours, salary, allowances, perquisites, etc. The name/designation of the person to whom he is supposed to report for duty and is going to be answerable.
  • Requesting the appointee to convey his acceptance of the offer.
Jiwan Aluminium Corporation
203/A, Bharati Nagar
Chennai- 601001
Reference: PP-A/207
12 December, 2006
Sri V.L. Narasingham
Kutty Kunj
93, Wisheshwar Marg

Dear Sri Narsingham

Please refer to your application dated 11 May, 2006 for the post of Office Manager.

Nature of Appointment
You will be on probation for six months and confirmed after the expiry of this period if your performance is satisfactory.
Place of Posting
Initially, you will post at the headquarters but the company may transfer you in the same capacity to any of its branch offices which at present are located in Calicut, Nagpur, and Ahmedabad.
You will be entitled to dearness allowance, house rent allowance, traveling allowance, and daily allowance according to the company rules.
Other Benefits
You will also be reimbursed 100% of medical expenses which you may incur on your illness or that of your spouse and children provided you are treated by an authorized medical attendant in his consulting room or on his advice at one of the company-approved hospitals.
At present, the company transports its employees from certain fixed points in the city to the office and back. You would be entitled to avail of this facility. However, this facility may be withdrawn at any time without assigning any reasons. If you come to the office in your own car, you would be entitled to a car allowance at Rs.800/- per month, which, may be revised at the company’s discretion.

If this offer is acceptable, please convey your consent latest by 27 December, 2001 and report for duty by 12 January, 2002. If we do not hear anything from you or you fail to join duty within the specified period, we would assume that you are not interested in the job. Consequently, this offer would automatically stand canceled.

Best wishes,
Yours sincerely
Rachit Mohan
Chief Personnel Manager
Letter of Appointment Sample 1

Resignation Letter

You would sometimes quit an organization to join another. You may occasionally do so because of personal reasons such as the unsuitability of climate, inability to look after the property, need for being near to close relatives, etc. But very often the job is changed because of other reasons such as getting a higher position, being by passed for an expected promotion, better pay package, better prospects for professional growth, etc.

For quitting an organization you would have to write a resignation letter. There is no rule to say what such a letter should contain. You could just write one sentence and be done with it: “I resign from my post of Sales Manager and request you to relieve me after three months notice period expiring on 26 February, 2007”.

Usually, however, a resignation letter contains three main points: a statement of resignation and request for being relieved, reasons for resignation, and an expression of thanks for courtesies extended during the tenure of service with the organization.

I, therefore, submit herewith my resignation letter with the request that I be relieved immediately.

However, if this is not convenient, I may be relieved after one month’s notice period expiring on 30 December, 2006.

I enjoyed working in this organization and I regret that I have to leave it. The experience here has been rewarding in many ways. I thank you and your colleagues for all the guidance, help, and cooperation in the discharge of my duties.

Yours faithfully,
Rajesh Kumar
(Senior Mechanical Engineer)
Resignation Letter

Job Acceptance

A job acceptance or consent letter is a favorable response, a direct approach letter. It should, therefore, be a brief letter covering the following points:

  • Thanks to the appointing authority.
  • Agreeing to abide by the conditions of service.
  • If necessary, mention the date and time of joining.

Some organizations take the candidate’s acceptance on a copy of the appointment letter itself as in the letter reproduced above.

Sir / Madam,

Sub: My appointment as …………………………

I thank you for your offer of appointment. I hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions of service contained in your letter Ref ……. of ……..

I will be reporting for duty on ……………………… in the forenoon.

Yours faithfully,
Job Acceptance

Job Refusal Letter

A job refusal letter is an indirect approach letter. The writer of such a letter is well advised to begin with a friendly comment or a few words of gratitude to the authorities for having made him the offer. Then the refusal should follow by clear yet positive words. In the end, the writer must put in a word of thanks in friendly talk.

Sir / Madam,

It was indeed a pleasure meeting you at Gurgaon. I was deeply impressed by the warmth of the people I met there and the pleasant atmosphere in the entire office.

I was especially to receive the generous offer of an appointment sent by you. I would have loved to join your team had I not, in the meanwhile, accepted another job at Faridabad,

I thank you again for the kind and courteous treatment shown to me.

Yours faithfully,
Job Refusal Letter Sample 1

Rejection Letter Samples for Job Candidates

Like the job refusal letter, this one should also be an indirect approach letter. A straight and curt letter of rejection or non-selection would sound impolite. It should, therefore, be written in the following manner:

Dear Mr/Ms,

It was a pleasure meeting you on … at … in our office. You did very well in the interview. Your C.V. is also very impressive. We wish we could make you an offer that we regret, we find difficult to do at present. Your application and C.V. are in our file. We assure you that we will get in touch with you as and when we can accommodate you. We are sure a bright and capable person like you will be an asset to any organization.

Best Wishes.
Rejection Letter Samples for Job Candidates
Dear Mr/Ms,

Re.: Extension of the probationary period

According to the terms of your appointment, your present probationary period expires on 31st December. However, I am to inform you that the Board has extended your probation for a period of 3 months from the 1st of September next. This provides you with an opportunity to come up to our expectations.

Please note that the terms of your appointment remain the same during the extended period of probation and your services will be confirmed at the end of the probationary period if your progress is found to be satisfactory.

Yours Truly,
A Sample Letter of Extension of Probationary Period

A Sample Letter of Extension of Probationary Period

Dear Mr/Ms,

Re: Confirmation of Services.

I am pleased to convey to you the Board of ‘Directors’ Resolution confirming your services in the Purchase Department from 15th July.

You will now be drawing your salary in the grade …….. You are also entitled to the provident Fund Scheme’ of the Company and the various kinds of leave and Medical Benefits as are available to the other confirmed staff of the company.

I am sure you will continue working with the same efficiency with which you impressed the Directors during the probation period. I wish you a satisfying and rewarding future in the company.

Yours Sincerely
A Sample Letter of Confirmation
Dear Mr. …………………

I am pleased to inform you that you have been promoted to Secretary in the Shares Department of the Company. You are requested to take charge of the new assignment on 15th July. In taking this decision, the Board of Directors has placed on record their appreciation of the efficient, competent, and sincere performance of your duties during the last 7 years. Please accept my hearty congratulations on your promotion.

Your salary scale in the next cadre will be …… and from 15th July. Your basic salary will be fixed at…… in the said scale. You will also be entitled to all other allowances and perks applicable to the Executive Staff- II of the company. Other service conditions remain unchanged.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours Sincerely
A Sample Letter of Promotion

FAQ Related to Application Letter

What is the structure of a letter of application?

The structure of the application letter consists of the following parts:
1. Address of Applicant and Date
2. Employer Name and Address
3. Salutation
4. Body
5. Complimentary Close
6. Signature
7. Enclosures.

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