Advantages and Disadvantages of Debentures

What are Debentures? A debenture is a document issued by a company as evidence of debt due from the company with or without a charge on the assets of the company. It is an acknowledgment of the company‘s indebtedness to its debenture holders. Debentures are instruments for raising long-term debt capital. Debenture holders are the … Read more

Debenture: Features, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages, Differences

What is Debenture

What is Debenture? Debentures/bonds represent creditors’ security and debenture holders are long-term creditors of the company. As a secured instrument, it is a promise to pay interest and repay the principal at stipulated times. In contrast to equity capital, variable income security, debentures are fixed income (interest) security. A Debenture is a document issued by … Read more