Product Positioning: Meaning, Strategies, Brand Repositioning, Steps, Brand Mantra

What is Product Positioning

What is Product Positioning? Product positioning can be defined as the place occupied in consumers’ minds regarding the firm’s product(s) or brand(s), distinguishing on the basis of product attributes. Product positioning can also be defined as the act of designing a company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the

Types of Marketing Research

Types of Marketing Research Following are the types of marketing research explained below: Exploratory Research Exploratory research is used in cases where the marketer has little or no understanding of the research problem due to a lack of proper information. For example, a marketer has heard about social media marketing techniques that are employed by

Process of Marketing Research

Process of Marketing Research

Process of Marketing Research Marketing Research is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. Marketing research specifies the information required to address

Marketing Research: Meaning, Definitions, Components, Scope, Features, Importance, Advantages, Limitations

What is Marketing Research

What is Marketing Research? Marketing research can be defined as the process of gathering recording and analyzing the data related to certain products and services. This need for market research is derived from the concept that only by understanding the needs and wants of the target audience and by effectively meeting them, you will be