Computer Science

Computer System

  1. What is Computer System?


  2. Computer System Definition


  3. Computer Definition


  4. Characteristics of Computers


  5. Functional Units of Computer


  6. Computer System Components

Types of Computer Memory

  1. What is computer memory?


  2. Types of Computer Memory


  3. Types of Primary Memory


  4. Types of Secondary Memory


  5. Characteristics of Computer Memory

Types of Computer Software

  1. What is computer software?

  2. Types of Computer Software

  3. Definition of Systems Software

  4. Definition of Application Software

  5. Systems Software

  6. Application Software

Problem Solving Algorithm

  1. What is Problem Solving Algorithm?

  2. Definition of Problem Solving Algorithm

  3. Steps for Problem Solving

  4. Representation of Algorithms

Cloud Computing

  1. What is Cloud Computing?

  2. Definition of Cloud Computing

  3. Characteristics of Cloud Computing

  4. Classification of Cloud Computing

  5. Principles of Cloud Computing

  6. Types of Cloud Providers

  7. Difference between Cloud Computing and Grid Computing

What are Decision Making Statements in C?

  1. What are Decision Making Statements in C?

  2. Types of Decision Making Statements in C

What are Data Types in C++?

  1. What are Data Types in C++?
  2. Data Types in C++

  3. User Defined Data Types

  4. Derived Data Types

  5. Fundamental Data Types


Types of Computers

  1. What is the History of Computers?


  2. Analog Computer


  3. Deltar Computer


  4. Supercomputers


  5. Minicomputers


  6. Microcomputers


  7. Laptops and Notebooks


  8. Mainframe Computer


  9. Embedded Computers


  10. Terminals


  11. Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence

  1. What is artificial intelligence?


  2. Functions of Artificial Intelligence


  3. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


  4. Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Big Data?

  1. What is Big Data?


  2. Characteristics of Big Data


  3. Big Data Tools


  4. Types of Big Data Analytics


  5. Internet of Things (IOT)


  1. What is Debugging?


  2. Types of Errors


  3. Syntax Errors


  4. Logical Errors


  5. Runtime Error

Types of Storage Devices

  1. What is Storage Device?


  2. Advantages of Storage Devices


  3. Types of Storage Devices


  4. Sequential Access Storage Devices


  5.  Direct Access Storage Devices

Computing Machine

  1. What is Computing?

  2. Evolution of Computing Machine

What are Expressions in C?

  1.  What are Expressions in C?

  2. Types of Expressions in C

What are C++ Keywords?

  1. What are C++ Keywords?
  2. C++ Keywords List




  1. What is Microprocessor?


  2. Evolution of Microprocessor


  3. Types of Microprocessors


  4. Features of Microprocessor

Data and Information

  1. What is data and information?


  2. Definition of Data


  3. Definition of Information


  4. Characteristics of Data


  5. Data Processing


  6. What is information?


  7. Information Channels

Generations of Computer First To Fifth

  1. What is Generation Computer?

  2. Classification of Computer by Generation

  3. Generations of Computer First To Fifth

  4. First Generation of Computer Vacuum Tubes (1943-1959)

  5.  Second Generation of Computer Transistors (1956-1963)

  6. Third Generation of Computer Integrated Circuits (1964-1971)

  7. Fourth Generation of Computer 1971 to Present

  8. Fifth Generation of Computer Present and Beyond (Artificial Intelligence)

Functions of Operating System

  1. What is Operating Systems?

  2. Functions of Operating Systems

  3. Process Management

  4. Memory Management

  5. File System Management

  6. I/O System Management

What are Operators in C?

  1. What are Operators in C?

  2. Different Types of Operators in C

What is C++ Programming Language?

  1. What is C++ Programming Language?
  2. C++ Character Set

  3. C++ Tokens