Human Resource Development: Definitions, Objectives, Features, Benefits, Scope, Difference, Challenges

Human Resource Development

What is Human Resource Development? Human Resource Development is the process of increasing the capacity of Human Resources through development. …

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Human Resource Audit: Definitions, Features, Objectives, Scope, Process

What is Human Resource Auditing

What is Human Resource Auditing? A Human Resource audit is defined as an investigation into size, skill, structure and all …

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Human Resource Accounting: Definitions, Objectives, Methods, Advantages, Limitations

Human Resource Accounting

What is Human Resource Accounting? Human Resource Accounting is the process of identifying and reporting the Investments made in the …

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Fringe Benefits: Definition, Needs, Objectives, Types

What are Fringe Benefits

What are Fringe Benefits? Fringe benefits refer to various extra benefits provided to the employees, in addition to the compensation …

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